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Selling Your Home? List with Lake Breeze Real Estate where you can count on Cindy's Hometown Warmth & Integrity every step of the way!

Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

Experienced real estate agents often cost the same as brand new agents. There is a greater probability the experienced agent may be able to fetch you a little higher price for your home, in less time with fewer hassles. There’s no doubt that over the years an experienced agent has picked up a few tricks along the way. We often joke that we could write a book about all the bizarre and unusual things that have happened. All these things make for a better agent, who can handle almost anything along the way.It is important to take your time when selecting a real estate agent. Ask friends and family for referrals. Selling your home often times is the most important financial transaction that you will ever make. Find an agent who you can relate with. You will be in contact on a regular basis and it’s important you feel comfortable together. Find an agent who will work with you directly, not with a bunch of assistants. Look for a Broker/ Realtor®, they are more educated in the field of real estate. Cindy Alves, broker of Lake Breeze RE fits all these criteria s and more.

Price Your Property Right

It is critical the right price is placed on the property. Anybody selling a product obviously desires to get the most money possible for that product. Placing an excessively high price on a property often proves to be counteractive to this cause. Before you set your price you should go over all the area sales and comparables in that area. Have your agent prepare this for you and get a copy to look over yourself. Most agents will already have figured the “good market” in their listing price suggestion. A high listing price will often cause prospective buyers to expect more than what you have to offer, As a result, overpriced properties have a tendency to take an unusual amount of time to sell, and they end up being sold at a lower price.In our local Canandaigua Area, the market’s been good. But you see several listings (especially FSBO) that are way over priced and they just sit there. Ask an honest price and it will sell fairly quickly. Look out for Real estate agents just trying to get the listing. Don’t always go with the highest listing suggestion.

Marketing and Advertising

There are many ways to market and advertise your property these days such as Multiple Listing Service, Signs, Classified Ads, Open Houses, Real Estate Websites, Flyers, etc. Your Realtor should employ a wide variety of marketing techniques. You also want to select a Realtor that is Full Time and Experienced and committed to selling your property; they should be readily available for every phone call from a perspective buyer. Most contacts are made during business hours and weekends, so verify that they are a full time Broker and will be trying to sell your home during these hours.


Thinking about listing your home? Not sure what it might be worth?
Or, maybe your just curious about what your home might be worth in this market?

How about a Free Home Valuation? Just call me or email me and I would be glad to meet with you and build a “current valuation” for your property.


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